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Swiss Replica Watches With Oris limited edition watch Air Racing Silver Lake

Oris (Oris) Air Racing Silver Lake limited form, it is designed for Oris flight team involved in' Replica Watches Reno flight athletic competition' The launch of the exclusive watches. Oris flight race team this year, especially in cooperation with the http://www.buywatchsky.com/ Swiss RUAG state airline, hoping to be able to enhance the combat effectiveness of an aircraft pilot Don Vito Wypraechtiger Scarlet Screamer, and it can achieve Swiss Replica Watches success in the 2012 Reno flight athletics competitions.

Oris Air Racing Silver Lake limited form.

Inspired Oris Air Racing Silver Lake limit table, derived from the classic Oris BC3 series. Replica Watches Week on the surface of the window at the 9 o'clock position, can be displayed in seven different face weeks or contest the aircraft. In the minute scale ring prominent figures of 50 to 10 o'clock yellow / red presents, sail numbers and aircraft echoes, silhouetted against the dazzling aesthetic style. Global Limited 1000, caseback engraved "Oris Air Racing" the logo design and a limited number. Watch presented with commemorative kit, containing a limited edition watch warranty, the replacement strap and strap replacement tool. Oris Air Racing Silver Lake Buy Swiss Replica Watches limited form, Model: 73576414184, case diameter of 42mm, the world's limited 1000.

While this " Earth" by the titanium build, prominently device at eight o'clock ; " Antarctica " is the only place to prop it is its rotation axis connections, relying shaft, people can enjoy the culmination of clever the surface of the production process. " Earth," according to the counterclockwise rotation every 24 hours revolution, counter-clockwise direction of rotation of the Earth is where we are. 24 hours day and night through the scale titanium ring on the Earth's equator, you can see the Replica Watches relative position of each time zone differences between the continents.

GMT watches specifically for the development of the movement, is equipped with one rotation every 24 seconds on the tourbillon 25 ┬░tilt, Fengyun -speed rotation, multi-axial tourbillon is one of the key patents in high- Perot Fusco. In addition to a high Replica Watches accuracy and reliability, it is pocket-sized volume is also configured to allow more room for the movement of other complex functions.swiss replica watches

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